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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 12, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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republican party starts to moderate, their views, there -- i would say their radical, extreme views are going to be further and further isolated and they're not going to have the voice that they currently have. and that is a -- that is a terrifying thing for people like anne coulter and others. so this is why you're seeing a lot of i think visceral hatred towards you know, ms. mccain as well as any moderate who dare speak out and says the party should maybe move to the center or be more reasonable on some issues like health care. >> is meghan mccain right, is there a demographic difference between republicans would tweet with her and people who buy a michelle malkin book? is this new media versus old media or something? >> there's a demographic difference i have no doubt between a younger audience that probably goes to twitter and the older audience or more conservative audience that buys malkin's books. but i actually think this has to do more of kind of an old losing republican philosophy that some conservative, you know, right
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wing republicans just do not want to give up and another path that ms. mccain and others are advocating. and this is just indicative of the real internal struggle that is going on within the republican party, both in the shadows as well as in the public. and it just tells you why they're in such a disarray. and it also gives you a very strong indication as to who is coming out to these town halls. they're being fueled by individuals who want them to go out there and scream and shout and basically make this debate about health care even more radical. >> and in 15 seconds, as a democratic strategist, who do you want the republican party to follow of these two groups? >> i want them to follow the ann coulter, michelle malkin, laura ingraham. i think that is a brilliant strategy for the long term. i mean, that is a recipe for electoral success. keep following it, please, please. democrats, please follow it. >> this has been brought to you by chris kofinis, democratic strategist. thanks, chris. that's "countdown" for this the 2,294th day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann.
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good night and good luck. and now free speech is free, but fake grassroots protest must be organized and paid for, damn it. to connect those dots, ladies and gentlemen, here's is rachel maddow. good evening, rachel.
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